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Stone Splitters USA is the United States distributor of Techno Split Stone Splitters and stone cutters.  Techno Split is known the world over as being the leading brand of stone splitting machines, and provides a safer work environment,  easier operation, and higher production than any other brand of stone splitter on the market. Get more information below for these stone cutters.

Heavy Stone Splitting MachinesThe Techno Split closed frame stone splitting machines are widely used at automated plants for the production of natural stone pieces or split cement blocks.  The machines are able to process curb stone, concrete blocks, granite blocks or other stone products.  Hydraulically operated 120-1200-ton stone splitting machines have enough power for any stone splitting operation for every kind of stone. These stone splitting machines are primarily used for automated production of cladding tiles, curbstones and wall stones. Has a splitting lengths up to 118 and splitting height up to 31.5. The long blades are excellent for precision splitting of large wall stones. These machines have a robust design, is easy to use, and withstands high stresses imposed when making heavy curb stones or blocks.

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Heavy Closed Frame Models


Length x Height


Stone Splitting Machine TS 80-40


31.5 x 15.7

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Stone Splitting Machine TS 100-50

120 Tons

39.37 x 19.7

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Stone Splitting Machine TS 100-60

220 Tons

39.37 x 23.62

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Stone Splitting Machine TS 120-60

320 Tons

47.24 x 23.62

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Stone Splitting Machine TS 160-40

220 Tons

63.0 x 15.7

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Stone Splitting Machine TS 304-80

1200 Tons

118.0 x 31.5

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Heavy Stone Splitting Machines Heavy Stone Splitting Machines


Stone Splitters USA has hydraulic operated stone splitting machines for every kind of stone. The machinery is primarily designed for the manufacture of tiles, curbstones, and split-faced walling, but can also be adapted to other areas of the stone industry. The crushing power and long blade of the the Techno Split models are adequate for large wall stone and curbing production. Stone Splitters USA is now the US distributor for these great new Techno Split machines, tooling and parts. 

The Techno Split line of stone machinery supplied by Stone Splitters USA come in many sizes and can be adapted to many uses in the stone industry.  Paving stone and tile cutters will want to see the Open Frame models. Ease of operation and fast splitting are sure to increase production compared to underpowered splitters.  For large block splitting operations encountered in the stone industry, integrated conveyor systems and long blades and crushing power make splitting of large blocks an easy project.


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